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Originally from Mendocino County, Northern California, Donnie grew up threading his dad's Yashica Camera while driving on delivery routes along the coast. Through wine valleys and lake areas,  the two often stopped to photograph a newly listed home or business for the MLS service. 

After attending a private university in Oklahoma and traveling through The Americas and Europe he settled in to Los Angeles in 2006. When his father passed away Donnie bought a digital SLR camera and started shooting. Friends would ask for portraits and the staple Hollywood headshot, and that gradually led to commercial work. Donnie left his Commercial Property Management Job to Pursue Professional Photography in June, 2008. Fitness, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle have been the mainstays of his body of work, yet feathered in are pieces of personal, editorial, and fine art series.

Donnie takes a personal and intimate approach to connecting with his subjects. He likes to look at bookings as play dates.